ZERO 2,000 Puff 0% Disposable Vape


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The Zero, by MELO Labs, is a plant based vape that contains absolutely zero nicotine but satiates oral fixation. This product is non-habit forming, delicious, and guilt free; Zero is made simply to stimulate dopamine receptors. The manufacturer actually calls them aromatherapy diffusers. Zero Plant Powered Puffs have a 5.4ml tank that is rated conservatively at 2,000 puffs and a non-rechargeable 850mAh battery.

Melo Zero 2,000 Puff Non-Nicotine Disposable :
Capacity: 5.4mL
Total mL per box: 54mL
Natural and Artificial flavoring, and flavor extracts
Puffs: 2000+

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Arctic Peach, Green Punch, Jolly Berries, Magic Mint, White Gummy


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