Triple Mushroom Ceramic Hand Pipe


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Are you a fan of fungus? A connoisseur of chiefing? Either way, you’ll love this Triple Mushroom Ceramic Hand Pipe! This fun hand pipe is made of high-quality ceramic formed into intricate patterns, featuring a pink top and hues ranging from seafoam green to cerulean blue. Yellow dots are scattered about the purple-bordered mushroom tops. One of the caps serves as the bowl. Once your legal dry herb is lit, the smoke will pass through the stems until it exits through the tallest mushroom head. Grabbing one of these bad boys will ensure that you’re seen as the most fungus among us!

Product Highlights

For Use With Dry Herb
Novelty Hand Pipe
High-Quality Glazed Ceramic
Fun Mushroom Design
Straight Neck
Product Specs

Height 8 in / 20.32 cm
Length 4.75 in / 12.07 cm
Width 3.75 in / 9.53 cm
Carb Side Right Side Carb


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