Good Vibez Delta Sublingual Oral Strips


Good Vibez Delta 8 THC Sublingual Oral Strips

Good Vibez Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals

Discover the latest in Delta 8 THC technology with the all new sublinguals from Good Vibez! The ultimate in bio-availability and flavor has arrived!

Combining the ultimate in convenience and flavor, alongside the hard-hitting delta 8 extract that has made Good Vibez famous, these sublinguals may change the way you view cannabis.

Why Delta 8 THC-P Sublinguals?
Sublinguals are among the most bio-available methods of consuming THC. Similar to tinctures, and more bioavailable than a vape or edible or even combustibles, Delta 8 THC has never tasted better, or been more convenient!

How To Use The Good Vibez
Delta 8 THC-P Sublingual Strips

  1. Open The Strip By Peeling The Corner
  2. Place A Single Strip Under The Tongue Until It Dissolves

It’s That Simple!

At Good Vibez, our mission has always been to bring you the highest quality and most innovative hemp-derived cannabis products on the market. Our all-new Delta 8 Sublinguals are just the latest innovation to help elevate any moment. Our 25mg delta 8 sublingual strips were created to help you experience every last milligram of your delta 8, and enjoy the effects faster.

The Good Vibez Delta 8 THC Sublinguals deliver 25mg of the highest quality Delta 8 THC on the market today. As we source all of our delta 8 from American grown hemp, you can count on quality and consistency every time. Each sublingual oral strip is zero calories, zero sugar, gluten-free and is made right here in the USA. Count on quality, and count on Good Vibez every single time!

Made in the USA

Zero Calories

Sugar Free


Gluten Free

Fast Acting

Additional information


Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon


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