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The Best Disposable Vapes In 2022

Discover The Best Disposable Vapes In 2022

Overwhelmed by the amount of options when it comes to disposable vaping devices? We’re here to help! Let's break down which devices you should rely upon, and list the best disposable vapes in 2022!

Since the beginning of the vape revolution (has it really been almost ten years?!) One thing that has always remained the same, is that everything changes. While this may very well be a cliche, when it comes to the vapor world it is undeniably accurate. From the very beginning, when a vape user would catch strange looks on the street with while using their 10 watt EGO C-Twist, and the sloppy pointy coils which had to be gently installed, to the world famous and controversial JUUL device which made nightly news everywhere, times are always changing.

Juul managed to solve a problem which every vape user knew all too well - that the learning curve involved in ditching the stinkies and switching to vapor could be steep. Add to that the commitment involved in ensuring your vape device was optimized, coil was fresh, and that it could fit into your pocket meant a certain degree of attention had to be paid every day to ensure you were ready to leave the door. All this sounds great, except for one MAJOR problem.

Big Tobacco sucks. It didn’t take long for Juul to sell out to the corporate suits, and unsurprisingly the quality and availability of the very thing which we vapers love, flavor, fell far to the wayside. This is before even mentioning the financial burden which the far too expensive Juul Pods placed on its users, and their questionable marketing tactics.

What happened next? The real vape industry did what it does best, and innovated. Disposable vapes managed once again to out innovate the wall street suits, and deliver the portability, ease of use, and flavor that pod based vape devices could only dream of. The brands and flavor experts that changed the world ten years ago, have once again delivered masterpieces designed from the ground up to keep you vaping comfortably all day long. 

Let’s highlight a few of the best disposable vapes which are currently dominating the market in 2022!

Esco Bar Disposables 

No, not that Escobar, but this Esco Bar is selling nearly as well! What makes the Esco Bar so special? Reliability and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. When designing a new disposable vape, there was a time in which seemingly the only focus was creating a device which could advertise an ever increasing puff count, like some kind of arms race. Esco Bar decided to do it a bit differently, and focus instead on ensuring that the quality of the device and the experience of using it was second to none. A huge driver towards the end result was the brilliant decision to incorporate a mesh coil, a recent innovation which has helped refillable tanks maximize their flavor potential. 

In combination with an impressive array of carefully chosen flavors, Esco Bar has succeeded in its mission to offer a disposable vape pen that truly gives the consumer what they’ve always wanted; absolute reliability, ultimate convenience and untouchable flavor. Which flavor is our favorite? Our team has found it hard to put down the Strawberry Ice, but the Cotton Candy seems to be a fan favorite!


Monster Bar By Jam Monster

Few brands in the vape world know how to release a hit product better than the Orlando Florida based team at Jam Monster! First roaring onto the scene with their one of a kind buttered toast and jam flavors back in 2014, the team has never yielded an inch when it comes to discovering new and exciting ways to captivate it’s audience.

The same holds true when it comes to their response to the disposable vape revolution. The aptly named Monster Bars bring us many of the flavors that we have come to love over the past 8 years, and many newcomers which stand ready to capture your attention. 

Thanks to their adoption of the mesh coil setup, and a reliable, yet small enough to fit in your pocket 1000Mah battery, Monster Bar Disposables have cemented themselves as a powerhouse.

What do we think makes Monster Bar Vapes so special? The range of flavor choices, coupled with proven, world class e-juice formulation means that choosing Monster Bars guarantees a tasty experience which sacrifices nothing in terms of quality and reliability.

Lucid Air Disposable By Shijin Vapor

Another Vape Industry stalwart whose reputation absolutely precedes them, Shijin Vapor is legendary for their explosive flavor and edgy attitude. Having come onto the scene with a vengeance, led by their best-selling Tortoise Blood and Tigers Milk, their branding is instantly recognizable by its gorgeous artwork, which has long served as a hint to the quality to come. 

When it came time to develop their first foray into the disposable market, the team made sure to channel the very same attention to detail into their brand new device. The result? The groundbreaking Lucid Air Disposable. 

Utilizing a powerful yet compact 2200mah battery in combination with a carefully designed mesh coil setup, the Lucid Air manages to bring together each of the most sought after elements of a successful disposable vape device. The Lucid Air is small enough for a pocket or a purse, reliable enough thanks to its mesh coil to deliver top-shelf flavor with every puff. 

Never afraid to challenge the status quo, Shijin delivers unique options such as a breathtaking Grape Aloe Ice to go alongside more traditional choices including Strawberry Ice, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Honeydew Ice.

What we love about The Lucid Air Disposable the most is the wide range of stellar design features and the delicious assortment of flavors that only Shijin can deliver.

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