FDA Regulations Must Be Corrected To Save Vaping (, Nov. 2016)

By Jimmy Hafrey

While the FDA is continuing with its plan to place vaping under the same regulations as tobacco, some small business owners and activists are calling for a compromise.

One of these activists, Ron Marshall, wrote an editorial for the Great Falls Tribune, a newspaper that is located in the state of Montana. Marshall is a former smoker and a vape shop owner who has two stores, located in Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana. He is also an outspoken critic of the deeming regulations.

Marshall spoke about the effects that these FDA regulations, which we have written extensively about in the past, will have on vape shops and, more importantly, their customers. He stated that should the FDA continue with its plan to enforce Pre-Market Tobacco Applications, or PTMAs, on all vape products, the industry would collapse.

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