Hi Beyond Vape Fam, today we’re asking for you to take a moment to support your fellow vaper.
This is @blueeyedgoon83’s four and a half year old nephew, Nathan and he’s fighting Cerebral Palsy. In a few months Nathan and his family will need to move from their home in North Carolina to St. Louis so he can undergo Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery followed by intensive physical therapy to combat his tight muscles.
We want to show Nathan and his family that they are loved & supported during this extremely difficult time in their lives. We also want to support our fellow #VAPEFAM and community member @blueeyedgoon83 and show him that family means something here in the vape community.
There are a lot of people outside our community who are skeptical of the vape community and what we stand for – let’s show them that we’re more than just businesses and individuals who vape, but we’re mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles – let’s use this as an opportunity to make a difference!


How you can help:
Let’s give Nathan and @blueeyedgoon83 as much support as we can!


CASAA Call to Action: Massachusetts

CASAA Call to Action: Massachusetts


While yesterday may have felt like a huge win for the vape community as SB140 was shot down in California, there are many states still fighting harsh legislation and we have a lot of work ahead of us.


Massachusetts Hearing: July 14th, 2015

According to the CASAA website, there are several bills scheduled to be heard in the Joint Committee on Public Health in Massachusetts on Tuesday, July 14th at 1:00 PM. These proposed regulations range from obvious (prohibiting sales to minors), to predictable (public vaping ban), to dangerous (requiring burdensome testing by manufacturers that would result in all or most e-liquids being banned from sale in MA, raising the age to purchase ALL “tobacco products” to 21 — even low-risk, smoke-free products like snus and e-cigarettes).

While there are a number of bills that CASAA opposes, there are a few that they consider to be thoughtful and appropriate. Below is a summary of each bill with links for further reading of both the opposed bills and those they are in favor of.


Let’s keep the momentum from CA’s win going and come together to help Massachusetts out! Please take time to call and write the Massachusetts lawmakers. 



HB 1954 (Same as SB 1137):

  • Redefines “tobacco products” to include “electronic cigarettes” and other vapor products
  • Prohibits the sale of “tobacco products” in any retail establishment that “operates or has a health care institution within it, such as a pharmacy, optician/optometrist, or drug store…”
HB 2050 (Same as SB 1119):
  • Redefines “tobacco products” to include “electronic cigarettes” and other vapor products
  • Prohibits the use of “tobacco products” in schools
  • Prohibits the sale of “tobacco products” to any person under the age of 18
  • Redefines “smoking” or “smoke” to include the use of “electronic cigarettes” and other vapor products.
  • Prohibits vaping in public places where smoking is currently banned.
  • Would require manufacturers to file annual reports with the MA Department of Health which identify the “concentration of any toxins contained in the vapor produced by an e-cigarette when used…”
  • Provides an outrageous fine — $10,000 per day — for understating the concentrations of toxins within a range to be determined by the DOH.
  • Directs the Department of Public Health to develop regulations “for restricting the marketing, labeling, and restricting youth access to so-called ‘Other Tobacco Products’.”
  • Redefines “tobacco product” to include “electronic cigarettes” and other vapor products.
  • Prohibits the sale of “tobacco products” to anyone under the age of 21.
  • Would require “tobacco retailers” to conspicuously post a sign directing customers to the Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Program and The Smokers Helpline.

In Favor:

  • HB 1943 would direct the Department of Public Health to conduct a study on the use of Tobacco Harm Reduction as a means to reducing smoking rates. While the Bill as currently written is seriously problematic, CASAA is attempting to engage with the sponsor to help it meet its positive goals.
  • HB 1951 would prohibit local Boards of Health from banning the sale of legal “tobacco products.” (You may remember an incident from 2014 when Westminster, MA attempted to implement a ban on all tobacco sales.)
  • HB 3466 would prohibit sales of vapor products to anyone under the age of 18 and manages to do so without confusing vapor products with combustible cigarettes.

Info from: CASAA Blog


California SB140 Fails, Vapers Celebrate Small Victory, Sen Leno Cries

California SB140 Fails, Vapers Celebrate Small Victory, Sen Leno Cries

I'm vaping extra hard today just for you, Mark

NEWS   |   JULY 9, 2015

SB 140 was a bill put forth by Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, that sought, among other things, to reclassify electronic cigarettes as “tobacco products”. While there was no controversy over prohibitions on selling to minors, reasonable licensure requirements, and child-resistant packaging for e-liquids, putting e-cigarettes in the same classification as combustible tobacco was something the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee would not accept, and that caused Leno to withdraw his bill and essentially throw a tantrum.

You can watch the whole discussion here (be prepared to yell obscenities at your screen).

It was frustrating at first to see the misinformation passed along by prominent politicians and doctors, but I suppose I’m pretty used to it at this point. There was a lot of this logic: “cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of people every year, therefore e-cigarettes are bad” (WTF?). Horribly flawed studies were cherry-picked, the uptick in teen vaping was hammered home without mention of the drop in teen smoking, Leno frequently conflated Big Tobacco with the vaping industry, and the word “toxic” was thrown around as though everything isn’t toxic given a high enough dosage. The line of small business owners and employees, former smokers, combat veterans, and cancer survivors stepping up to the mic to air their grievances with SB140 was a real tearjerker though. This takes up the majority of the time in the video.

Despite all the deception from Leno and his comrades, the committee kept its head screwed on straight and refused to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. When it became evident that this wasn’t going to change, Senator Leno no longer had any interest in passing the amended bill which contained all the provisions necessary to protect children, making it pretty evident that he didn’t actually give two shits about whether or not children were vaping or being accidentally poisoned due to a lack of childproof caps. Surprise.

Classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products (which would have included products containing no nicotine!) would make it very easy to pass further restrictions and taxes on them in the future without having to mention them specifically, making it harder for current vapers to continue using them instead of cigarettes and making it harder for smokers to get accurate information and access to a device that may help them kick a very dangerous habit. Another issue in the bill would have required you to show ID and sign for any vape mail you received, which would add $6 to all of your online orders, but it’s dead in the water, so you need not worry for now. Presumably, this was their last chance to pass a law regarding e-cigarettes before the FDA finally drops the whatever it is the FDA is finally going to drop.


Written by: Shawn C. Avery | Repost from Dripclub

Editor-in-Chief at the Daily Drip and vaping enthusiast with a B.S. in physics and a couple of adorable cats. Follow me on Twitter.

California Vaping Legislative News: July 2015

California Vaping Legislative News: July 2015



SB 140, a measure introduced by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), will be up for a vote in the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee on July 8th and includes the following provisions according to the Northern California Chapter of SFATA:


  • Defines vapor products as tobacco products (i.e. equate cigarettes with e-cigarettes).
  • Attempts to include products defined as “nicotine” regardless of source.
  • Public use prohibition (no vaping where smoking is prohibited, public parks, etc.)
  • Change in how vaping can be prohibited in rental, lease, multi-unit apt. dwellings, etc.
  • No vaping in workplaces (including vape shops)
  • No more “self service” (unassisted) handling products or sampling liquids/flavors.
  • No exemptions for vapor retailers to allow vaping in their stores.
  • No vaping in group homes, small family homes, transitional housing, or by foster families.
  • No vaping in a motor vehicle with a minor present, whether in motion or at rest.


While pretty much everyone in the industry supports legislating sensible things like child-proof caps and restrictions on sales to minors, most of the provisions in this bill only have the potential to increase harm by decreasing the likelihood that a smoker would be willing to make the switch due to misinformation, increasing the cost of making the switch, or reducing smokers’ access to knowledgeable staff if fewer B&Ms are able to survive under its provisions. You can find the contact information for the Committee Members and voice your concerns here or if you live in a district represented by one of the members you can send a fully-editable, pre-written email through CASAA here.

Reposted from Dripclub

To watch the live webcast of the hearing at 1:30 on July 8th, click here.


Know Your Vape: Batteries Debunked Featuring @uymods

Know Your Vape: Batteries Debunked Featuring @uymods

Good lord this is a fantastic video.  [Beyond Vape Sponsor] Squidoode and Justin Uy drop some

serious battery information on everyone here.  Great stuff for sure.  Well worth a watch. Timestamps

after the jump.



Time Stamp Index:
0:14 – Introduction to Episode
1:18 – General Overview – Types, Dimensions, etc.
3:00 – Inside a 18650 – Diagrams
4:29 – Battery Manufacturers & Manufacturing
6:52 – Ohm’s Law & The Power Equation
7:50 – Charging your Batteries
9:04 – Voltage Drop & Battery Sag – Demonstration
14:39 – Multiple Batteries – Parallel
16:52 – Multiple Batteries – Series
19:21 – Battery Safety w/ Multiple Batteries
20:50 – Closing Remarks

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