Airline Travel with Your Electronic Cigarette

Airline Travel with Your Electronic Cigarette

By Rob Fontano

We get a lot of questions regarding flying on airplanes with electronic cigarettes. This is a topic that I can speak to from extensive experience. In the past year alone I have traveled all across the U.S. through upwards of twenty different airports with my e-Cig and e-Liquids.

I have not experienced any issues with the T.S.A. and security check in with any of the e-cigarette set-ups that I have traveled TSA Airline travel electronic cigarette Fort Myers Vapor airplanewith. I simply place my e-Cig in with my carry on, mostly my brief case. E-Liquids need to be treated as you would any other liquid. The T.S.A. encourages a 3.1.1 rule which translates into; 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less (by volume); 1 quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. The liquid contained in the actual e-Cigarette cartridge, tank or clearomizer has never become an issue, probably because it is such a small amount. Since airlines do not prohibit traveling with actual cigarettes or lighters, this is likely to hold up for some time.

I would recommend that when traveling take the most basic set-up with you onto the plane. Pack your MOD with your checked luggage, why give the T.S.A. something to focus in on.

Airports have also exhibited a very relaxed view towards vaping. I have personally vaped in every airport that I traveled through in the past two years. In the airports and bars; I have not had any requests to not use my e-cigarette. This also applied to the terminals and common areas.

Now to the big question, “Can I vape on a plane?” There is no finite answer to that question, except for the airlines that have come out and stated that you cannot. It would be advisable to follow any and all airline guidelines. I, personally would not openly vape in my seat. I would not want any other passenger to see any kind of vapor in the cabin that might cause fear or concern. That being said, I have vaped in airplane restrooms without a problem since e-cigarettes do not emit any smoke, they will not be detected by the the restroom smoke detectors.

There are some considerations regarding your e-Cig set up when traveling. I have traveled with DCT Tanks, Clearomizers, Cartos and Barrel Cartridges (Ego-W) type cartridges. With the DCT or artemus tanks, I have discovered that when the holes are covered with liquid and the cabin pressurizes, you may experience leaking. This leak will most likely occur in your carry-on bag or pocket and trust me can ruin a flight. I have not experienced this with any other configuration.

The best advice would be to check the T.S.A. website as well as your airline site to be fully aware of any changes to regulation. This will prevent you having to surrender your vape should any unexpected changes be enacted.

Travel Safely and Vape Happily,
Rob Fontano

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